Types of pigeon food to stay healthy

Pigeons are classified as birds that are maintained by many people. This bird is also known to have long memory and good navigation because it was once trained to carry out tasks such as delivering letters, for example post pigeons.They tend to live in groups and are easy to train, so it’s no wonder that many pigeons are kept free or outside cages.In addition, pigeons are not picky about food. So you do not have to be bothered with the selection of pigeon food because they almost like the variety of grains provided. Now give me a few types of pigeon food that is healthy and will increase stamina



The first type of grain that is a favorite and almost every keeper pigeon gives is corn kernels. Almost all types of corn kernels are liked by these birds, but to get maximum results and fit the size of the mouth of a pigeon, Madura corn is highly recommended.

This type of corn is indeed no different from most corn, but if you look closely it will be seen if the seeds are smaller. This small size makes it easier for birds to consume it.


Green beans

Besides corn, the combination of feed with the addition of green beans will also support the growth of birds well.Mung beans have various beneficial contents such as protein, fiber, minerals, and also omega.

Because of the better content, it’s no wonder that green beans are more expensive. So you just need to use this type of food as a distraction given every two days or as much as you can.



As well as green beans, this type of bijan also has a variety of nutrients that are good for pigeons ranging from adequate protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin E, and various other types of vitamins.

Giving soy as pigeon food also acts as an additional and does not have to be the main staple food for daily intake.


Brown rice

The last food that is pretty much recommended is brown rice. This feed is quite popular among bird lovers because it has an affordable price and the right content so that rarely makes birds become overweight.